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creating jewelry

You bring the idea

We create your jewel

Our Firm is able to satisfy all the demands of our client: from the modeling to the set of precious stones, from the single reparation to the renovation of ancient jewels. 

The jewel will be realized on indication of the client, from the project to its realization, from the choice of the stones to the design. The STEFANO ANDOLFI JEWELS it is able to create unique jewels.

As requested by our client and after having chosen the materials our designer will create the sketch by free hand that will be the base of the realization of your jewel.


Thanks to the new technologies we are able to reproduce a preview of your three-dimensional jewel so that we’ll to be able to appreciate its beauty and eventually correct before the final realization.

After we take vision of the project in 3D, with the help of our goldsmiths, we’ll pass to the realization of the jewel.

The process of creation of our jewelry!


Design realization

The imagination and the experience get together that give life to a sketch that sharpening becomes the project of the jewel.


3D Planning

Departing from the hand-made sketch the project realizes it in 3D so that you are able to see your idea as real before realizing it.


The 3D Prototype

Defined the project it passes to the realization of the prototype through the 3D printer.


Stage of development

Defined the phases of the production, the pieces for the jewel are made.


The workmanship

The hand workmanship is the fundamental passage of your jewel and it is here that the jewel takes life.


The finish

In the last phase, our artisans set the stones and do the final finishing touch. At the end it passes to the quality control.